FYA Masterclass - Youth at the Heart from the Start

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Up to 24 people


Join us for one of our Masterclasses - Youth at the Heart from the start.


  • There are 20 spaces on the Masterclass and 5 waiting list spaces. You will receive a confirmation email after booking to confirm if you have a guaranteed space, or if you are on the waiting list.
  • We welcome professionals Pan-London. However, priority is given to those based in Camden, Westminster, and NCL boroughs

For organisations who work with young people and want the “youth voice” and youth action to be at the heart of what they do. Organisations that want young people to be involved in producing and delivering content.

About this Masterclass

Fitzrovia Youth in Action is proud to offer a series of Masterclasses to individuals and organisations who work with young people based on our youth social action experience delivering peer-led programmes.

This Masterclass is designed to support those who are working with young people to understand how to successfully involve young people in activities AND how to co-produce with young people without the fear of tokenism.

The Masterclass will include sections on the following:

  • What is the difference between Youth Participation and Co-production?
  • Youth Participation in different settings (1-to-1, group settings, diverse young people, etc.)
  • Co-production methods
  • Ladder of participation
  • Celebrating and valuing youth-led work 
  • Examples of meaningful participation
  • Extrinsic and intrinsic motivations for youth engagement – what techniques can help
  • Youth-led and adult-led balances & sharing power with young people
  • Troubleshooting – share worries and group peer support on this solution-focused approach 

Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in developing their youth participation skills and would like to involve young people in producing content and/or facilitating activities alongside staff members at your organisation.

The aim is to develop your knowledge of how to incorporate different youth participation techniques in different settings, explore best practices, and consider what creates and makes an environment for young people to participate, engage, and be willing to co-present with staff members

Where is it?

Warren Centre

Warren Centre, Basement 1 - 8 Suffolk House, Whitfield Place


Where it's happening:

Warren Centre