Waterblitz - Community Consultation

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Up to 30 people


Come along to an informal online consultation to find out more information about the WaterBlitz (taking place on April 25th) and to provide a chance for you to tell us about any pollution issues you might be aware of in Marsh Dykes and Thamesmead. We will also go through the locations that we will be sampling.

A WaterBlitz is a water sampling event that helps provide a snapshot of pollution issues across a river's catchment area.

https://book.plinth.org.uk/e/yZALAEl9JH6AbHTYXkDR --> to register for the WaterBlitz

This event is for local people and citizen scientists to take water samples of points of interest to them across the Marsh Dykes and Thamesmead catchment to identify ongoing pollution issues impacting the catchment's water quality. This event will also be an important opportunity to sample areas in the catchment that generally have relatively good water quality to understand how poorer quality stretches of our rivers could perform throughout the catchment in the absence of pollution challenges.