Isle of Dogs River Festival

Booking information


Up to 100 people


Event: Free Isle of Dogs River Festival at Folly House Beach – 23rd September 2023

Time: 10.30am – 3.30pm.

Location: Folly House Beach, Isle of Dogs, E14 3UX

The river is an important part of the Isle of Dogs community and has been a source of work and enjoyment for centuries. Thames21 will be holding a festival for the community on the foreshore and the river space around it. This event will showcase the river for all, providing an opportunity for everyone to have fun and explore their foreshore.

There will be:

RIVER DIPPING to see what lives in the Thames

CLEAN-UP of the beach

LITTER DETECTIVES to collect important data

BEACH FUN including skimming contest, sand castles and treasure hunt


We will also have music, food and more! EVERYONE WELCOME!

Where is it?

Folly House Beach

Thames Path NE Extension

E14 3UU

Where it's happening:

Folly House Beach