River Roding Restoration at Wanstead Park

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Up to 15 people


River Roding Restoration Day: Returning the wiggle to the river!


Get your hands dirty and join us for a day of action along the River Roding! We're rolling up our sleeves to install Large Woody Deflectors and give our river the upgrade it deserves. We're transforming a straightened river into a thriving ecosystem. Learn how this simple yet impactful action adds nooks and crannies, creating habitats and boosting flow diversity.

We'll be meeting at The Temple in Wanstead Park - Google Maps link

Claim your spot by signing up on Plinth or email me at tyler.randall@thames21.org.uk if you're curious about how we're adding life back to the River Roding. Let's be the difference we want to see!

This event will involve substantial manual labor, including walking in a fast moving river with waders, moving heavy pieces of wood, and handling tools. As a result, a certain level of physical fitness is necessary. Please be advised that this event is not suitable for children.

If you are a corperate group, please contact corporate-volunteering@thames21.org.uk for days catered to you and do not book on to this event.

Where is it?

Wanstead Park

Wanstead Park London E11 2LS

E11 2LS

Where it's happening:

Wanstead Park